Why Ocupuncture ?

Why Ocupuncture ?


How I hate that word. Like it means something anymore. And yet no other word speaks the experience of literate observation so fully.

Try vision.
Try enlightened. 
How about introspect ?
How about God ?

Woke ... to nothing terrestrial

Ocupuncture is an artistic statement about observing, concerning vision, acknowledging the great mystery. 


Unabashedly sober addict in Alcoholics Anonymous. Qualified sponsor & guide.

I sit with the miserable.
Have parsed depravity.
Learned to drill the desperate.
Pointed towards the light.

We live in a world of the mega yacht ... super rich ... influencers and movers & shakers. Unless you are that thing, you are nobody.

Count me with them ... the invisible. the nobody

Everybody pretty much has eyes.
Don't have to be a millionaire. 

Inclusion of the invisible. 
That happens where the light is.
Ocupuncture is Everyman.


We are in the surveillance age.

Look, I'm no conspiracy theorist. Don't own a tin-foil hat. Take no position ... at least not here.

Fact is, we are all on camera all the time.
They are looking.
So ... look back !

Ocupuncture pins are rebellion in miniature.