Ready for Christmas 2023


Been building Eyeball Brooches for a full 3 years. Evenings. Weekends, Holidays. Printing & assembly.

I have 3000 of the 3D printed eyeball pins ready for immediate sale :-)

During that time, I beta-tested all brooch designs to improve quality and durability. People LOVE them.

At the same time, I opened accounts, tested online workflow and developed image dox for print-on-demand product. All was preparation.

So now ... it is time.
Time to fully pressurize these online systems I had set up.

I am uploading product.
Samples are purchased.
Print quality is being assessed.
Only yhe best will do.
Advertising has begun.

Ready for Christmas 2023.

The Eye Ball -2021-

Thank You to all who attended the 1st Annual event - the Eye Ball 2020

I had wanted this web store up for Christmas last year. No Go.

My debit card reader was in the mail. Cardless ... how very sad.

And yet, the only thing ya can't do is nothing. I put it out on Facebbook.
Come dance at the Eye Ball.

You people responded and I made a thousand dollars to reinvest.

This year I am ready.
Store is UP!
Card Reader is HERE!

Order online or come out to the 2nd Annual Eye Ball for 2021.

The New Stuff

What would a bona-fide eyeball pusher be without dropping that super wicked new shit?

When the dust settled on last year's Eye Ball (see above :) I sat down and mapped out the plan for 2021.

The plan was to draw, test and print just as much as humanly possible until, like, September.

Then I sat down to learn web sales.
No clue. I got one.

As a career graphics guy I am used to wading in over my head as the industry machines keep changing.
Its always something.

For this project, I gave myself permission to be as pokey as needed to get the basics down. Then the monster should lurch off the slab ... right?

- All manor of new stuff in the works.
- Check back if you dig this art
- I am having a ball here.
- Hope you enjoy !!