Why You NEED This


Why Do You Even NEED This Crap?

Ocupuncture Art is both show-stopper and show-starter. Go ahead ... wear one of these pins to the grocery store. I dare ya. 

You won't make it to the door. 
People will stare.

They will look down at your lapel.
They will look at you.

You will get stopped. I guarantee it. 

     "Hey, what is that ?"
     "Hey, where did you get that ?"
     "What does it mean ?"

The show stops. 
Everything stops.
What IS that ?

Then the show starts ... and YOU are the show !
And who are you?

You are:

  • A little bit off
  • A little bit loud
  • You made friends with weird

You like finding crazy and interesting things on the Internet ... things nobody even thought could exist. But they do.

You are my people ... I'm one too.

Conversation ender. 
Conversation starter. 

 You need this art !!

The world needs shit like this ... to be stopped dead in its tracks at the grocery store. To find unexpected difference, beauty and art in the most tepid & bland of it's daily destinations. 

Eyeballs are punchy and enigmatic.
They are scary and inviting.  
Eyeballs stop people and then start
them again. 



Ok, so there's that too.

Yes I am a showman at heart. 
Maybe you are too. 

"Look at ME !"
Guilty as charged. 
You will definite get attention. 

However that may be, wearing this art
is a public service :-)

You need to stop the show. 
Give your people ART.

Start your own show. 

Get the wall art & hang it up. 
See what happens. 

Send the greeting card. 
See what happens. 

Drink from the coffee mug.
Wear the t-shirt. 
I dare ya. 
See what happens. 

Wear the pin.
I dare ya. 

I know what will happen.