Here's What to Expect

This art is home-spun and hand-assembled.

3d printing has, by the nature of it's process, some inherent roughness. There are defects. This is not a perfect process.

I have 30 year's experience in the graphics / manufacturing field. By now I know what I am doing.

Also, I have an intense desire to NOT sell you crap.

To keep your costs low, I determine the level of post-print fixes to apply. This is an industry standard approach.

You will receive the best possible art at a completely affordable price.

Shown below are EXTREME EXAMPLES of the smaller print issues you may see.


a 3d printer is like a computer controlled hot glue gun. Those things leave strings like crazy.

The art is built up layer-by-layer.

The print head lifts, to move to another layer or area, leaving some amount of strings.

Minimizing this is possible in the print interface. Also, I go over these with a heat gun, which melts most of this stuff back into the piece.

Again, what you see here is an EXTREME EXAMPLE. I just want you to be aware that you might get a string.

Rough Seams

The very first layer of the print winds up being the back of the brooch.

Sometimes this goes down a bit rough.

The piece you see takes 58 minutes to print. Big investment.

I will allow this, as it rests against your clothing and will not be seen.

Once the first layer is down, the visible face will print perfectly or it will not be used.

Allowing this minimal roughness keeps all our costs down.


What in the hell IS that?

That ghosted pattern is another piece of art I printed months ago.

I clean the print bed with acetone as a regular thing.

Still, this sort of ghosted pattern may appear on your brooch.

I allow this, as it will rest against your clothing and will not be seen.

Buy the other piece too and you'll have a set :-)


OK ... so I have touted all this monster experience I have making shit like this.

I have also hinted that I am a beginner with this process, with these materials, with web stores & sales.

Please know I am doing my level-headed best to learn triple-quick to get all this under my hat ... to offer you the most wicked shit available at a cost you can afford.

I will definite accept any constructive comments on how I can do this better. Please use the CONTACT page and drop me a line.

I can't accept returns on anything covered above.