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I got a thing for lapel wear.

Each of these depicts an art piece I made to wear.  And I did. 


The guy down at the gas station loves to see these. I entertain all my daily people with this art. 


They take forever to make, like 3 weeks to make fearfully symmetrical. Perfect. 


"Sell your art" they said.  If you make art they always say that. Makes me crazy.  Nobody's going to buy this for a hundred dollars, and I just can't part with it. 


So then ... I started shooting them with my iPhone. Little tabletop set and BOOM !  This whole eyeball project is a product of smartphone living. 


Now this is the art. 

I wear these on my coat. 

You can wear them on your wall. 





I woke up one morning and my head told me "You know, what you really need to do is paint your hand black and shoot some brooches." That's pretty much how all this art begins. "How crazy would it be if ..."


So, I painted my hand. Light was diffuse and perfect. Air was chilly. Was a good art moment. Good memory.



• Super Bright Print 

• 1.25” Gallery Wrap Sides

• Built-In Hanger
• You’ll Have Some Explaining to Do