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My name is Joenonymous and I’m an alcoholic.

Comfort pink and fertile green.

Like all the art on this site. I didn’t start this piece with something in mind. IT did, though. It let me know what it wanted to be.

Art is an unfolding. Once the background is selected and the photos roll in, the category, name and purpose is selected.

Recovery. In retrospect, the two eyes tell the story. The main eye, unfolding like God’s own cabbage, is the narrative I hear so much around the tables of recovery. It is true. This totally happens when I stay close and do the thing as prescribed.

There is the unfolding. I will develop that eye. The other eye there, upper left. It is all perked up. At attention. It is ... vigilant. That’s the other part. Vigilance.

Addiction is a life sentence. Every day it will slide around inside and proliferate into other areas of my life. It attacks from unexpected quarters.

So, serenity, yes ... but serenity with vigilance. This is the nature of Addiction. This is the nature of Recovery. 


• Super Bright Print 
• 1.25” Gallery Wrap Sides
• Built-In Hanger
• Grow in the Light