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I got a thing for lapel wear.

Each of these depicts an art piece I made to wear around town.


They take forever to make, like 3 weeks to make fearfully symmetrical. Perfect. 


So then ... I started shooting them with my iPhone. This whole eyeball project is a product of smartphone living. 


Now this is the art. 

I wear these on my coat. 

You can wear them on your wall. 


The introduction of technology into our lives, especially the digital revolution, is a topic I can add nothing to. It has already been done by smarter than I.

However, since there happens to be radically awesome circuit boards inside of our toys and appliances, I wanted to show them. Also, and more importantly, plastic eyeballs, being as jarring and astounding as they had been before I discovered them, once I began gluing them together with circuit boards something other worldly began to emerge. 

And so, yeah, Have a Spike. 


• Super Bright Print 
• 1.25” Gallery Wrap Sides
• Built-In Hanger
• You'll Have Some Explaining to Do.