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Oddly enough, trying to find perfectly cream colored plastic to use for art like this is no easy trick.

Same thing with other colors I would love to use. Gold. Copper. Bronze. They’re out there, however running across these wonderful colors are like winning the lottery. Trust me. I’ve looked.

World is full of bright, primary color plastic. Lime green. Bright reds and blues. These are the vast majority. So, me being me, I love to just do things that are difficult to pull off. Soon as I noticed that cream was a thing, that is exactly the direction I headed.

This particular piece took months. Had to set it aside many times until more and better pieces came round. The two main side circles came from the best place ever ... the ground. Found them in parking lots. Yes I keep an eye out for your detritus. Your discards make me deliriously happy.

Only weather and tires can texture stuff like this perfectly. The middle, main circle is the inside of some toy. My favorite trick ... if the outside doesn’t cut it then use the inside. Turn it inside-out. Turn it on it’s head. Never accept face value. The little central bulb was a tiny, thin little spoon. Hot glue melts thin plastic like this. That spoon is wonderful. So thin you can see the flow lines from its molding. Has texture. Love it. I had to gently nudge this thing into the piece without destroying it. Without it there was no art. Let’s hear it for CREAM ! - 100% Cotton Fabric - Sides are Solid Colors - Wooden Frame - High Image Quality - For Indoor Use - Made From Your Trash :-)