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I got a thing for lapel wear.

Each of these depicts an art piece I made to wear around town.


They take forever to make, like 3 weeks to make fearfully symmetrical. Perfect. 


So then ... I started shooting them with my iPhone. This whole eyeball project is a product of smartphone living. 


Now this is the art. 

I wear these on my coat. 

You can wear them on your wall. 


Mission to MARS

No good art show is complete without a journey ro the Red Planet. Accept nothing less !!

For awhile after I got sober, my big Friday night blow-out consisted of sitting in my basement with nippers and a drill.

I'd take stuff apart ... deleriously happy.

I'd hit that crazy Goodwill there by 40 in the old Famous Barr warehouse.

If you're looking for shit that's already broken, that's the place.

I got a library of plastic, little snips & doo-bobs, all sorted by color & size. Looks like a carnival with daddy issues.
My wife loves it.

To make this kind of art, I gotta constantly pour through these boxes looking for just the right piece. It's like building a 3-d jigsaw puzzle where you make the pieces.

Top of my drawing table is like a witches cauldron of dog crap that the industrial revolution scraped off it's shoe.

I just stir & stir this stuff until exactly the right piece emerges. Not much of a strategy but it works 100%.

It sounds like an avalanche at Walgreens ... all that stuff tumbling down.

Here's how I make art ... & pretty much do everything else.

I remembered those Mars-colored pieces. Ran across them a few times. That flat piece there ... I recall admiring the oddity of it. Wonder where it came from ... what it used to be ?

And then it happened.

I touched one of them for the umpteenth time ... and the other one popped in my head. A connection was made.

MARS !!!!!!
It can be Mars -)

So then, I had to go ripping through the library to the last known location of the other piece.

Found it. !!
And then I put it aside.
Made a little pile.

My whole miserable iife is replete with little piles of stuff that seem to go together ... waiting for it to occur to me HOW !!!

Here's how I make art ... here's how it always starts.
"How crazy would it be if ... ??"
"How messed up would it be if ... ??"
That's pretty much it.


Trip to Mars would be EPIC Funny.

I laid them aside until it came on me to begin.
This is how everything works for me.

I always start with the core statement ... in this case MARS.

Big pieces ... gotta start with a big flagship statement, set it on some sorta pedestal & then come in around it with smaller finishing pieces.

Has to grow in ever more fearsome symmetry.

Color has to balance
warm / cool
neutral / neon

After the main statement is set ... best practive is to find, what I call, the freak-show support piece.

Gotta be perfect.
Has to totally support the main statement in such a way as to not eclipse it but be perfectly enigmatic enough to draw attention to it in a harmonious way.

In this case ... It was the chair.

That four-pronged, antenna looking thing.
Legs of a toy chair.

A-Parts !!

I keep the super-rare, most interesting small finishing pieces in separate cases.
I call them A-parts.
Cherry on top.

That cone lookin thing on top of the chair legs.

It's got a pin back
I wear this on my coat.

Found for some reason ... it is almost impossible to photograph. Shot it & shot.

Still not entirely happy with this picture ... but here it is.

Mission to Mars.


• Super Bright Print 
• 1.25” Gallery Wrap Sides
• Built-In Hanger
• You’ll Have Some Explaining to Do