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Cyber is a larger brooch for, perhaps, the more adventurous among us. Ocupuncture offers brooch pins in various sizes for all comfort levels.

To navigate the day with one of these things on the lapel is epic fun. If you wear this your friends will have questions. Expect it.
• • • •
Cyber_NEURON is another human / cyborg, art mash-up. This pin sings and celebrates the body electric.

That damn pink eye. Those damn lavenders. Another instance of picking eyeballs from the vendor's list & hoping they would hit the floor & fit right in.

They didn't.
Either of them.
Problem. Lotta money there.

And so, I played the long game with this. Bide time. Test & test. Its just gotta work in there somehow to become perfect and sellable.

I LOVE purple. I accept pink so long as it has a qualified chaperone. 
It worked.

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