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Cyber is a larger brooch for, perhaps, the more adventurous among us. Ocupuncture offers brooch pins in various sizes for all comfort levels.

To navigate the day with one of these things on the lapel is epic fun. If you wear this your friends will have questions. Expect it.
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Cyber_PANCREAS ... is got weird, didn't it?

This is the single sickest... chief among all the weird shit here. Really, I got nowhere to hide with this one. I know this whole eyeball thing is a little bent. But, its what I do.

It started with Venetian Rose, which is a classy color ... in another world. Here, it turned into acute gastric anomaly. 

Next came the endless parade of pink eyeball possibilities. It just got worse & worse.

To cap it all off ... that white pupil eyeball, it's milky core turned from standard funny eyeball to an attachment point for the vacuum pump that'll suck out your soul.

It went from "Nah ... you can't make that" to "You know you're gonna have to make a thousand of these."

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