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Brooches are accessories, emphasizing and hinting at your already favorite fashion choices. Not for no reason.

Art for this form of jewelry must come together seamlessly to be subtle, startling and timeless ... which is the brooch's place.
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Steam_LILY is a happy Easter Morning Miracle.

I got a place in my head that plays The Carpenters all the time. Total choir in my book. Spin that shit.

I had harbored a special hatred for that absurd yellow eyeball. What a waste of FedEX. Its just weird, even by my standards.

Same thing with the silk yellow plastic. Too soft. I tried it with everything. Couldn't do a thing with either of them.

Enter a thing called silk mint !!

Here is another perfect story of a dead-end dumpster being resurrected at the last moment through impossible means. Sound familiar.

So, the mint arrived ... and IT wouldn't work with anything. Sheesh!

Then, these disparate orphans came together ... and I still hated it. But, I heard music. It was soft. The Carpenters lilted up from the carpet. It was redemption. It was Easter Lily.

I believe in Redemption.
I stand by the Carpenters
I wear this pin.

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