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Brooches are accessories, emphasizing and hinting at your already favorite fashion choices. Not for no reason.

Art for this form of jewelry must come together seamlessly to be subtle, startling and timeless ... which is the brooch's place.
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Steam_HORNET ... nah, it'll never work!

Built on a whim, as a joke I was playing on myself and with eyeball colors I hated, this little guy sprouted wings and the damn thing took off.

Look, there's nothing I won't wear. Maybe you've guessed by now. I wore an orange plastic whisk broom to dinner. I got no shame. 

By now I believe we are all conditioned to tense up a little when we see yellow and black. Think hazard tape. Think crime scene.

This brooch embodies the unsettling nature of art. You don't have to like it ... but you Will see it.

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